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    • 7oz Gloves
    • Luxury Italian Leather
    • Front Loaded Padding
    • Made For Strikers
    • Double Locked Wrist Strap

      Unleash Your Full Potential with the Ultimate Protection and Performance


      Unparalleled Protection for Serious Strikers


      Crafted with premium Italian leather and front-loaded padding, our Velocity MMA Gloves provide unrivaled protection for your hands, knuckles, and wrists. Experience the confidence to strike with power, knowing your hands are safe and secure.


      Engineered for Explosive Power


      Designed specifically for strikers, our gloves feature a 7oz weight and a double-locked wrist strap that allows you to harness and channel your full striking force, delivering devastating blows with precision and control.


      Uncompromising Quality and Comfort


      Combining top-tier materials and innovative design, Velocity MMA Gloves offer an unmatched level of comfort and durability. Elevate your training and competition with the best-in-class gear that will take your striking game to new heights.

    £50.00 Regular Price
    £35.00Sale Price

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